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About Us

Established in 1994 by Andrew May after moving to Ramsgate from Bexleyheath in 1992, Andrew was on his way to work one morning when his car broke down.

About Thanet Engine Centre

The Cam Belt Snapped

After investigating, he found that the cam belt had snapped causing the car to bend the valves. Once he had removed the cylinder head, he tried to find a local garage that could recondition it.

Unfortunately, no local garages could help and the only places willing to do the repairs were in London. So, Thanet Engine Centre was born.

Sons Ashley & Luke On Board

In 2002 he was joined by his eldest son, Ashley and then 2 years later by his other son, Luke. Both have learnt from Andrew's extensive knowledge that he's gathered since he joined the trade after leaving school at 16.

Colin & Mark Join

There are two other employees, Colin and Mark, who have been with the company for 10 and 15 years respectively and have become an integral part of the family run business.

Engines Built on the Premises

Thanet Engine Centre has been in the same property and serving garages in East Kent since it started in 1992 but this year has bought the unit next door almost doubling the floor space.

All the reconditioned engines are machined and built on their own premises and because of the small but experienced work force, it means they have very high quality control in place.

12 Month Guarantee

This not only enables them to offer a 12 month or 12,000 miles guarantee - whichever first - with all the reconditioned engines, but also keeps them popular amongst the public and main dealers to use again and again.

Call for Advice

If you need any advice on an engine problem please don't hesitate to call Andrew, Ashley or Luke for some free, friendly advice.

Engine Reconditioning by Thanet Engine Centre

Engine Reconditioning

When Thanet Engine Centre recondition and engine, it will be completely stripped down and inspected to see what parts are within tolerance.

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Cylinder Heads by Thanet Engine Centre

Cylinder Heads

At Thanet Engine Centre, we provide a series of cylinder head services including Head Skimming, Pressure Testing, Valve Refacing, Seat Cutting and Unleaded Seats.

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Machining Services by Thanet Engine Centre

Machining Services

At Thanet Engine Centre, we provide a series of machining services including Thread Repairs & Helicoils, Cleaning, Reboring & Honing, Crank Grinding & Polishing.

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Snapped Glowplugs by Thanet Engine Centre

Snapped Glowplugs

Glowplugs stuck in the cylinder head and snapped glowplugs are a weekly occurrence, so much so that we have just bought 3 new pieces of equipment to remove them.

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Classic Cars by Thanet Engine Centre

Classic Cars

We are working on this content which should be here shortly.

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Cleaning by Thanet Engine Centre


We are working on this content which should be here shortly.

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