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Engine Reconditioning

When Thanet Engine Centre recondition and engine, it will be completely stripped down and inspected to see what parts are within tolerance.

After inspection everything is put into a hot acid tank, not just to remove the dirt and grime but also so all oil and water ways are clean and free from debris.

This is especially important if the engine components have been badly damaged due to something like an oil pump failure.

After cleaning, all the separate components are taken to respective stations where they are reconditioned.

The block is rebored/honed and the crankshaft reground/polished, with new pistons and new bearings being ordered to suit.

The cylinder head is pressure tested, skimmed with valves faced and valve seats re-cut, any valves which are bent or showing signs of extreme heat are replaced.

Valve guides are also inspected for wear and replaced where necessary.

After all gasket surfaces and components are spotlessly clean it is then all re-assembled using new gaskets, oil seals and an oil pump.

All engines come with a new timing belt or timing chain kit fitted.

Upon completion the reconditioned engine is sprayed to make it look as good as new again!

If you have any questions regarding the reconditioning process then please phone, we are always happy to help.

An engine whilst the reconditioning process is underway

The complete engine - after the reconditioning process is finished

An engine before the reconditioning process has started

An engine whilst the reconditioning process is underway

For more information about the services we provide, please feel free to contact us on 01843 583 672 or 01843 585 455.

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