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Cylinder Heads

At Thanet Engine Centre, we provide a series of cylinder head services including Head Skimming, Pressure Testing, Valve Refacing, Seat Cutting and Unleaded Seats.

Head Skimming

Easily the most popular machine in the workshop, it is used multiple times every day. If the cylinder head gasket has blown, more often than not the cylinder head will warp or distort slightly.

The diamond tipped cutter skims the head until it is clean and straight across the entire surface.

Before the head skimming has started

We also use the machine for all full reconditioned cylinder heads.

After the head skimming has finished

Pressure Testing

If your vehicle is showing signs of a blown head gasket - i.e. using water or mixing oil and water, then it is always recommended to have the cylinder head pressure tested before having it skimmed to check for cracks.

Pressurised air is pumped into the waterways and any cracks appear instantly.

Using this machine we can also test oil coolers, EGR coolers and cylinder blocks.

Valve Refacing

If engines are not looked after then premature wear will occur, with the valves opening thousands of times every minute the surface always takes a lot of punishment. Valve faces can become concaved or pitted.

When this happens our machine grinds away the damaged surface to make a perfect surface for it to seal like new.

A selection of valves

Valve cutting machine at Thanet Engine Centre

A set of valves before and after they have been through the refacing process

Seat Cutting

The valve seat has a valve opening and closing thousands of times per minute on to it and just like the valve it will eventually start to show signs of wear.

Seat cutting part way through. The right hand seat has been re-cut.

At Thanet Engine Centre, our stone grinder cuts the seat to make it like new again and making a perfect surface for the newly faced valves to seat on.

Seat cutting once complete. Both seat have been completely re-cut.

Unleaded Seats

This conversion is still a very popular service even today. Running older cars on modern day fuel causes the valve to eat into the seat.

The solution? Cut the old seat out and fit up rated hardened valve seats to cope with the unleaded fuel.

For more information about the services we provide, please feel free to contact us on 01843 583 672 or 01843 585 455.

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